Data and features

Variable closing forceSpring Strength1 to 6
Standard doors750mm     25 kg☑️
850mm     45 kg☑️
950mm     60 kg☑️
1100mm   80 kg☑️
1500mm  150 kg☑️
Body dimensions (mm)Length248
Track (standard)optional
Track (hold – open)optional
Rack and pinion☑️
Power shoe arm bracket☑️
Angle of opening180°
Power adjustable by position☑️
Sweep speed adjustable☑️
Latching speed adjustable☑️
Back- CheckAdjustable by Valve☑️
Delayed action adjustableoptional
With coverStainless steel 304optional
ApplicationRegular (1)☑️
Parallel arm (66)optional
Transom (61)☑️
Guarantee / years5 years
☑️ Yes

– Power adjustable #1 to #6 by position EN , (Metal doors).
– Designed to be used with fire doors rated up to and including 3Hrs.
– Used with door assemblies of proven fire resistance
– UL Listed, Fire rated UL 10C – R40739

Protection against

A free replacement ex-works of any closer proved defective by reason either of faulty manufacturer or defect in materials
Power shoe arm bracket
Designed to be reversed to increase final closing power by approximately 15%
Provides a cushioning effect when the door is forcibly thrown open but does not serve as substitute for a door stop .
Delayed action
Provides prolonged closing time to assist passage of trolleys, wheel chairs, elderly people etc.