Data and features

Variable closing forceSpring Strength2 to 4
Standard doors850mm     45 kg☑️
950mm     60 kg☑️
1100mm    80 kg☑️
Body dimensions (mm)Length220
Track (standard)optional
Track (hold – open)optional
Rack and pinion☑️
Power shoe arm bracket☑️
Angle of opening105°
Power adjustable by position☑️
Sweep speed adjustable☑️
Latching speed adjustable☑️
Back- CheckSelf-regulatingoptional
Adjustable by Valveoptional
Delayed action adjustableoptional
With coverStainless steel 304optional
ApplicationRegular (1)☑️
Parallel arm (66)optional
Transom (61)☑️
Guarantee / years5 years
☑️ Yes

– Power adjustable # 2 to # 4 by position EN, fire rated 120 minutes (Timber doors).
– Certifire No. CF 6027.
– Used with door assemblies of proven fire resistance (as defined in BS EN 1634-1)
and having power ratings appropriate to the leaf sizes subject to a minimum size 3 (as
specified in BS EN 1154:1997)
– Classification acc. to European standard
EN 1154: 1997 3 8 4/2 1 1 3

Protection against

A free replacement ex-works of any closer proved defective by reason either of faulty manufacturer or defect in materials
Power-shoe arm bracket
Designed to be reversed to increase final closing power by approximately 15%
Provides a cushioning effect when the door is forcibly thrown open but does not serve as substitute for a door stop.