Ahram Security Group celebrates obtaining the European standard for the manufacture of equipment and requirements for fire-rated doors

Ahram Security Group for safety systems recently held a conference attended by major consulting offices in Egypt and the Middle East, international organizations responsible for setting standards and regulations, real estate development companies, and representatives of various governmental agencies. The purpose of the conference was to inform attendees about the company’s recent achievements and its ability to promote the manufacture of door locks, door equipment, accessories, and facility safety.

The celebration marked Ahram Security Group’s products for obtaining international accreditation for fire resistance, increasing the level of safety for individuals and facilities in accordance with international standards. As a result, ASG became the first factory in the Middle East and Africa to achieve this standard in the production of door equipment and accessories such as locks and various accessories.


Dr. Samir Aref, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ahram Security Group, welcomed foreign experts, international companies, and all participants, emphasizing that “Ahram” has leadership locally and globally in manufacturing door equipment and accessories while achieving the highest levels of safety for individuals and facilities. The company has a history that extends for more than 77 years and produces more than 15 million products annually, exclusively made in Egypt.

Aref also confirmed that the Ahram Security Group is leading the advancement of the door locks industry and facility safety systems in Egypt and the Middle East, in line with the directives and support of the political leadership to localize the national industry and reduce the import bill by replacing the importer with the Egyptian product that conforms to international specifications.

The new security systems of Ahram Security Group have been included as an Egyptian industry that conforms to international standards in all major national projects, especially in the Administrative Capital, El Alamein Towers, hotels, hospitals, and major facilities in world capitals.

Vladimir Bayer, CEO, revealed the company’s plan to bring expertise from all countries of the world to keep abreast of global developments in the manufacturing process and to make continuous updates on all products according to European standards.

Simon Forrester, Executive Director of the English GAI organization specialized in setting technical standards for the construction industry and developing architectural steel industries around the world, praised the expertise of Ahram Group for Security Systems and its obtainment of all international standards in the manufacture of all door control systems and facility safety systems and its recent acquisition of the standard specification in fire resistance for its products. He also explained that there are large tests that are being carried out on the doors to ensure that they are manufactured in accordance with standards.

Ahram Security Group continues to prioritize advancing the locks industry and facility safety systems in Egypt and the Middle East while conforming to international standards and making continuous updates to all products.

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