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Ahram Security Group applies continuous improvement systems that provide advanced manufacturing techniques. Our products are designed to maintain the balance between high-quality performance and effective operation.
Through our race for quality, ASG implements the integrated management system (IMS) according to PAS 99:2012 which contains the obtained certificated of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. ASG also got the certification for European standards EN 12209 for the mechanical locks as well as the European standards EN 1303 for the cylinders.
Recently, the group has successfully passed official fire-resistance tests for multiple product lines.

Ahram Security Group is a leading manufacturing company in the field of security, locking systems and door accessories. Being a locally trusted market leader and a strong brand with expanding regional and global footprint, we are continually committed to making each and every one of our customers know, that through us, safety is found.

Our mission is to give you the power to protect what matters, as we believe that everyone and everything of value deserves to be kept secure, without compromise.

ASG offers a wide multi-tier portfolio for all security and installation requirements, customizable for any application or finish. With a rich history of 75 years of experience, ASG has been successfully securing millions of homes and businesses in Egypt and worldwide, with specific focus on residential, administrative and commercial sectors, touristic and educational entities, airports and high security establishments.

Founded by late Engineer Ezzat Aref, Ahram Security Group started in 1945 as an iron workshop to having 3 strong factories today.
Over the years, ASG expanded its production to cover a wider range of door accessories, and locking systems. ASG also partnered with global brands to further avail premium tiers of electronic door locks and high-security mechanical solutions. This played a crucial role in developing the group to become the leading brand with +40% in the Egyptian market, and a competitive player on the global scene.
Today, we also provide consultancy services, after-sales services, including installation and maintenance.

“It makes me very proud when I look back at all that has been achieved in the past 75 years, from learning to growth.
When we started Ahram, we were barely able to make 10 locks a day. Today we produce more than 10 million locks a year. We went from 1 to more than 1,000 models. From simple mechanical locks to a wide range of door accessories, key solutions to smart access technology. From 1 market to over 27 markets. You can find our locks in every continent. We started with 3 workers, today we are over 1,200 people strong. We went from a humble small workshop to 3 manufacturing plants with over 400 state of-the-art machines.
And today, we feel, we are just getting started.”


Dr. Samir Ezzat Aref


Our Mission

“Giving you the power to protect what matters”

Our Vision

“We proudly produce superior locks and innovative security solutions that fulfill our customers' aspirations.

This is our way to the prosperity for our company and people”