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Mortise internal door Lock is a type of locking device that used on doors when you require low security but ideal for a cheap simple solution. Mortise internal door lock is designed by latch only or deadbolt and latch, Mortise internal door lock may be Bathroom door lock or bedroom door lock. These are usually installed on back doors. The locking mechanism of the bathroom door lock is operated by a handle or thumb turn knob while the locking mechanism of the bedroom door lock is operated by a le
A mortise lock is a type of locking device comprised of a large, rectangular body that fits into a similarly shaped pocket or mortise which is carved into the edge of the door. The body of the lock houses the parts that actually work the lock, including workings for the knob or handle, latch, and deadbolt. When you look at the frame of a door with a mortise lock, you will see a solid metal plate that is flush with the frame and securely screwed in place. Within that plate is an opening, and the
A rim door lock is a type of locking device comprised of a large, rectangular body box that is fitted to the surface of a door with a matching box fitted into the door jamb. it can be used as both a latch and a lock. They are available in different types and designs. While some may in fact be antique or decorative. Rim locks can be used on any type of door (wood, metallic), Most Rim locks used today on external door especially for small thickness of doors. Rim locks are available in 40mm, 50mm,
Drawer Lock is a locking device which can be found in larger office furniture drawer units, or used simply in bedroom furniture to add a lock to a single drawer, like a dresser unit or vanity unit, for added security for jewellery drawers etc. They are generally fixed core units. The cam lock is a locking device which the cam (or pawl), is fixed to the lock’s core and is rotated as the key rotates. This movement, typically through 90 or 180 degrees, it is to secure a door or flap, mail boxes, dr
It is a part of the lock to operate the locking mechanism of the mortise or aluminum locks; it may be in oval shape or Euro profile shape, it conjunction with a mortise lock case or oval aluminum door case. The cylinder fits through the door, passing through the lock case which is mortised into the edge of the door, it is not always necessary to replace the entire locking mechanism. If you have a cylinder lock mounted on the door you can replace the cylinder by removing the cylinder typically re
Aluminium door locks are used on metal doors, aluminium framed doors, glass paneled metal doors narrow stile patio doors, when you require small width of the door jamb, it may be used for sliding doors or hinged aluminium doors, There are different types of lock mechanisms for this family of locks which are the latch bolt (works as a slam lock and locks every time the door is closed) , deadbolt (has to be physically locked with a key every time) , a hook bolt (used on sliding metal doors) or sas
An Espagnolette is a locking device, normally mounted on the vertical frame of a French door or casement window or cupboard door; we have two types of Espagnolette, 1 - The mortise Espagnolette which has excellent window security and weather sealing performance. Designed to provide a quick to install, low cost hardware solution for casement windows. 2 - Espagnolette Cupboard Door Lock Set is a locking device which is often found in larger, tall cupboards and filing cabinets. They have a lock in
Doorknob set locks is a locking device consist of built in knobs for both sides of the door, latch mechanism, strike plate and mounting screws. The door knob sets consist of models for Entrance, Privacy, and Passage which are designed to meet all customer requirements. It is easy to install, each set is supplied with fitting instructions and templates. - latch mechanism is adjustable from 60mm to 70mm, 95mm and 127mm backset,the locks available in this range can be used in different environments

Environmental, Safety & Occupational Health Policy

ASG established, documented, implemented, maintained and continually improve environmental, safety and occupational health management system in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards

ISO 14001/2009 & OHSAS 18001/2007 and determine how it will fulfill these requirements.

Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Policy in ASG aims to improve and develop the environmental and safety performance in all products, processes and activities, and this is by an environmental , safety and occupational health management system that enable ASG to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into considerations legal and legislative requirements and any other requirements to which control and eliminate sources of pollution and by this, protect the health and safety of the employees within, and all the surrounding units and society. Moreover, the Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Policy in ASG aims to the optimum usage of the natural resources in order to reduce the environmental aspect  that would cause pollution and affects the health and safety of the employees.

ASG implemented the International criteria for environmental, safety and occupational health, ISO 14001/2009 & OHSAS 18001/2007 as an environmental, Safety and Occupational Health management system to be implemented and fulfill its requirements which includes implementation upon all products, processes and activities.Moreover, applying all the rules and regulations and any other requirements.

ASG is committed to maintain, implement and continuously review & improve the Environmental, Safety and occupational Health program.


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The Ahram Security Group ASG: is one of Egypt's leading private investment groups.

ASG possesses a solid foundation the lock industry and has capitalized on Egypt's investment-rich economic climate to aggressively expand into end-users,contractors, project sand export sectors.

ASG was first established in 1945,by the pioneering industrial businessman, Late Eng. Ezzat Aref , who has established a small factory formed of three stories covering an area of 5000 m2 in which

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